Empowering Innovation and Sustainability with Rare Earth Minerals.


Welcome to Hibiscus
Mining House

Hibiscus Mining House, an aspiring leader in the rare earth mining industry, specializes in responsibly extracting and producing rare earth minerals. Our mission is to harness these minerals’ potential, driving innovation and empowering industries worldwide.Utilizing expertise, advanced technology, and strategic concessions, we operate efficient mining with minimal environmental impact to meet the demand for critical resources.
Committed to the highest standards of safety, sustainability, and social responsibility, we collaborate with industry experts and stakeholders. As a trusted supplier for industries such as renewable energy, electronics, automotive, and more, we invite you to join us in unleashing the power of rare earth minerals, driving the future of sustainable technologies and innovations.

Our goals

Our goals at Hibiscus Mining House, deeply embedded in our mission and vision, guide our actions as we shape the future.

Our commitment to these goals shapes our approach to mining and positions us as a leader in the industry.

Advance Clean

Our commitment to these goals shapes our approach to mining and positions us as a leader in the industry.

Support High Tech Industries

Cater to the growing needs of high-tech industries, providing them with essential rare earth minerals that fuel innovation.

Promote Sustainable Solutions

Commit to sustainable mining operations that prioritize the environment and minimize our ecological footprint.

Uphold Safe & Responsibility

Uphold the highest safety standards and responsible mining practices for people, the community and the planet.

Foster Community Relationships

Engage positively with local communities and stakeholders, nurturing relationships based on mutual respect and benefit.

Champion Technological Innovation

Continuously innovate and employ cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and sustainability.

Why Partner With Us?

Rare Earth Exploration (REE)

In partnership with renowned Chinese mining professionals, we conduct sustainable rare earth exploration and mining operations. Their expertise in cost-effectiveness and efficiency sets industry standards. This collaboration ensures proficiency and adherence to best practices, delivering value to stakeholders and a competitive edge in the global market.

Sustainable Waste Management

We combine mining waste with soil and calcium carbonate to reduce metal levels and neutralize acidity. This mixture then undergoes phytoremediation, a plant-based method that further cleanses our waste, reinforcing our commitment to an eco-friendly mining process.

Backed by Industry-Leading Partners

Collaborating with industry leaders, we at Hibiscus Mining House are supported by Geo Solution Resources, enhancing our geological proficiency, and a high-impact firm with significant capital. These partnerships bolster our operational standards and stakeholder value.

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